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e-commerce and service lifecycle in one platform

Use equipme as a white-labeled B2B order portal with integrated lifecycle management.

e-commerce for XaaS

Most e-commerce solutions do not support XaaS as they are designed for one-off sales transactions. equipme is made for as-a-service and supports unlimited transactions of a service instance throughout its lifecycle.
equipme Kundenportale anlegen

Create customer portals

Erstelle Kunden-Shops und lade alle Ansprechpartner digital in equipme ein. Alternativ können sich deine Kunden ihr Portal auch selbst über deine Webseite registrieren.
equipme Whitelabel


equipme is delivered ‘white-labeled’ for providers. This means that the order portal can be customized and appears in your colors and logo for your customers and no other suppliers are visible (closed shop).
equipme Digitales Account Management

Digital Account Management

Your sales department can ‘jump’ into the customer portals to advise on the configuration or to prepare offers directly and digitally in the environment. The roles and rights system regulates who is allowed to do what with which customer, so that data protection is guaranteed.
equipme Abrechnungsvorbereitung

Billing preparation

Bill thousands of small-scale services and purchase products across all customers with one click. Equipme allows you to transfer billing data to your accounting software via CSV or API.

B2B customer portal

Thanks to equipme's multi-tenant architecture, every customer gets their own B2B shop environment, including professional administration tools, which optimally support your customers before ordering and in the subsequent service lifecycle management.
equipme Kundenportale anlegen

Cost and asset management

All running costs, contract terms, assets, serial numbers and service users are centrally documented for your customers. Own asset management by the customer is no longer necessary.
equipme Whitelabel

Self–service catalogues

Based on your offer, your customers can create different self-service catalogs for different user groups, from which the employees can select their favorite products and services themselves.
equipme Digitales Account Management

Approval workflow

equipme supports various approval processes that your customers can use to authorize employee requirements internally before they are sent to you as a supplier as an order
equipme Abrechnungsvorbereitung

User enrollment for Azure AD

Especially with large numbers of users, our Azure AD User Enrollment simplifies the equipme rollout process for the customer by controlling access to the equipme app through the user's Azure AD group membership.


“Mix" the products with your services and create carefree services that are worth more to the customer than the sum of their parts.

Create services

From product and service items, which can come from your ERP software, you create service bundles that your customers can book via their order portal.

Service configurator

A service can come in multiple flavors and with several options your customer can choose from. Decide whether service options can be added or canceled later during service lifetime.

Service portfolio management

Maintain your entire service portfolio within equipme. Services can contain images, videos, multilingual descriptions, sub-components and pricing information.

Global & customer specific services

Standardize your service portfolio and reduce your administrative effort by switching services globally - i.e. visible to all customers. In addition, you can offer customized services and service options to meet individual requirements.


Offer your services as a flexible monthly rental. The management of different terms, financing of assets and transparent billing is easy as pie with equipme.

Rent and Sell

Store several rental and purchase offers for a service, from which the customer can select his preferred variant in terms of time and price.
equipme Kundenindividuelle Preise

Customer-specific prices

You can store standard prices for a service and create special price offers that only selected customers / customer groups see.

Leasing – interface

As-a-Service usually means working with a refinancer. equipme enables the mapping of collective leasing contracts and the reporting of asset locations for the financial institution.

Management of changes

equipme allows customers to change their services at runtime. If, for example, a larger license or an SLA upgrade is ordered, equipme triggers your change process and billing adjustment.

Service production

equipme is a multi-tenant platform in which all orders from individual customers are brought together at a central supplier level for further processing.

Bill of Material

The need for purchased products and one-time and permanent services to be provided is derived from the service bundles configured by the customer. equipme provides you with a clear ‘Bill of Material’ for every service order.

Auftrag, Change und Deprovisionierung

Bestellungen, Changes und Abbestellungen aller Kunden erhältst du an einem zentralen Ort. Equipme unterstützt den Service-Produktionsprozess oder du überführst die Aufträge zu weiteren Bearbeitung in deine bestehenden Systeme.


Take the individuality of your customers into account and adapt the necessary production steps for their service orders thanks to the integrated workflow engine.

App or API

You can manage the entire service lifecycle in the equipme platform or redirect the process to your existing application world at any point via REST-API.

Lifecycle management

In the subscription economy, it is no longer enough to deliver a product once. equipme provides you with the digital foundation to provide services for thousands of employees from different customers over the years with consistent quality.

Subscription management

Through the ‘Digital twin’, which is continuously fed per customer, equipme provides the ‘Golden source’ for the administration, further processing and support of thousands of small-scale services with individual runtimes and costs.

One app for your customers

Customers can open service tickets themselves via the equipme app. As a provider, you will then receive this directly with the link to the affected service, which means that the requests can be routed directly to the right processing team, while the customer can track all tickets in his organization.

Receive tickets centrally

Your service desk receives customer tickets centrally via the equipme ticket interface. Decide for yourself whether you want to process the requests via equipme or your existing incident management tool.

Asset management

You can see for each service instance, which ‘raw resource’ (e.g. devices and licenses) are ‘installed’ in a service instance and identify them by serial number in order to exchange them in the event of repairs or to retrieve them for the leaser after the end of the term.

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