Our Mission

While Netflix-like subscriptions and Uber-like services have simplified our personal lives for years, this trend is now widely adopted in B2B, as companies struggle to deliver services internally amid expert shortages, cost pressure, and rapidly changing business demands.

We believe renting turnkey services from specialized providers is the easiest way for companies to receive the desired output immediately and massively reduce their workload and financial investments while remaining flexible.

The vision of Equipme is to seamlessly connect companies with their providers to simplify access to services in a frictionless experience, which eliminates process breaks and manual coordination efforts in the partnership to save time and valuable resources for both sides.

Therefore, Equipme is building the operating system for the B2B subscription economy. The B2B marketplace is an employee shop, procurement platform, and asset management portal in one app for business customers. For suppliers, the platform enables offering their products and services in a modern Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS) approach. Subsequently, it delivers significant process improvements and reduced effort for deploying, delivering, and managing the entire service lifecycle for their customers.

Our goal is to enable people to build great businesses without distractions.


equipme Founder Paul and alex

How it all started

The idea behind Equipme came from something other than a startup incubator. Instead, it is based on our own experience, or rather, on our pain.

In our first startup, we were IT providers and provided our customers with IT workstations for monthly rent. We experienced firsthand how laborious the coordination process is for all involved to ensure that everything is prepared for the new employee on the first day of work. Everyone is frustrated on the company and supplier side because no one knows what the other is doing and what still needs to be added. Everyone who has ever had to wait for a device or access in their new company knows the result.

And here we are only talking about onboarding - when it comes to inventorying devices, managing subscriptions, and billing costs, chaos usually reigns, or worst, Excel.

Until now, most companies have accepted the problem, but that no longer works: the frequency of on- and offboarding is increasing significantly, more and more is being outsourced, and the logistical requirements of the decentralized work world present decision-makers with unprecedented challenges.

For this new work world, we have developed Equipme.


equipme Team

Who we are

We are a diverse team of software engineers, startup enthusiasts, and creative minds who are contributing to the circular economy. We are a young startup, with many of us already over 30 years old: old enough to have experienced how the "old economy" works and young enough to know that the next generation works and consumes differently. We belong to the generation that prefers to use instead of own. However, we value the importance of self-determined work and the magic of a shared mission that attracts young talents.

We have beautiful offices where we come together for brainstorming or simply for a change of scenery. However, we prefer to do the "real" work from home - this way, we can combine the best of both worlds: meaningful, challenging work and valuable time with our loved ones.

Our software considers all these insights and experiences and helps companies build and equip great teams worldwide. In addition, we support the service providers and suppliers needed to deliver sustainable services that create real value and innovation for the customer.

All of this is for the benefit of the economic future of all parties and to protect our shared resources.

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