Equip teams to do the best work of their lives

Equip teams to do the best work of their lives

Equipme is an end-to-end platform that enables companies to give teams, and employees access to all services and equipment they need for modern work. We streamline the employee onboarding and off-boarding process, incident management, inventory and subscription management.

Ordering Portal and Service Lifecycle Management in one App

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Internal employee shop

Equipme provides a self-service portal for employees and managers to access an internal ordering platform to view and request all available work materials and service offerings within the company.

Provide a self-service portal to your teams

Employees can easily order the equipment they need for their work from home, while managers and department heads can select and order hardware and software centrally for their teams.

The shop lists the services of internal service providers, such as the IT department or back-office management, as well as the offerings of external service providers and suppliers, such as IT, Mobile and Furniture who are already on the platform or can be invited to Equipme with a click of a button.


  • Central access to all services and work materials offered within the company
  • Multi-provider marketplace consisting of various products and services offered internally and externally
  • Self-service shopping carts are dynamically composed based on employee role, location, and department
  • Home-office support: Employees can order work materials directly to their homes
  • Easy import of all employees through Azure AD, Personio, or Excel interface
  • Single sign-on for employees
Internal employee shop

Order Management & Fulfillment

Orders placed by employees or hiring managers typically incur costs for the company, which Equipme automatically routes for approval to an authorized person within the organization before the order is submitted to the respective supplier.

Approve, track, and fulfill orders efficiently

Equipme keeps all involved parties informed and transparent about the approval status and subsequent processing of the order by internal or external suppliers or service providers.

While goods and services are conveniently provided by external providers through supplier integration, especially software, system access, and company resources are mostly provided by internal departments such as the IT department or back office. To make it easy for these internal service providers, Equipme provides a transparent management interface for their orders to be processed, including all relevant information such as the employee's location and start date.


  • Digital approval process for paid orders
  • Transparent order tracking for employees and hiring managers
  • Central control of departmental costs
  • Convenient order processing for internal service providers such as IT or back office
  • Automatic information routing between all involved parties
Order Management & Fulfillment

Asset & Subscription Management

To ensure that products and services are provided in the right place and their whereabouts are automatically documented, Equipme virtually maps your organization's location, department, and employee structures. Integration with Microsoft and various HR software allows you to automate this step.

Know what you have and who is using it

All products and contracts ordered through Equipme are automatically inventoried for further management in the Asset Management module. Through supplier integration, serial numbers, contract terms, and notice periods do not have to be manually recorded.

The inventory stock and separately purchased products and subscriptions can be manually recorded or conveniently imported into Equipme via Excel. Thus, Equipme becomes the central asset management database of your company.

Equipme tracks not only inventory data and commercial information such as price and contract terms, but the entire life cycle of an asset: for example, for a notebook, it documents which employees is currently using it or if it is available for new employees, when it was returned, and whether a repair or replacement was initiated.


  • Automatic inventory of hardware, software, and subscriptions
  • Inventory of existing assets and contracts
  • The whereabouts of assets are traceable at all levels of the organization thanks to the "digital twin" concept.
  • Central overview of costs and contract terms
  • Ensure nothing is forgotten during employee offboarding
  • Transparently identify unused assets and subscriptions through the depot function and issue them anew.
Asset- & Subscription Management

Spend Management

Equipme helps companies keep their employee and inventory expenses under control. All investments and ongoing service costs are recorded in detail and consolidated in the controlling module. This enables transparent and detailed cost analysis at every level of the organization and identifies potential cost savings. Equipme also tracks the duration and monthly costs of all active subscriptions and services to ensure all cancellation deadlines are met.

Manage equipment and subscription costs

Another benefit of the platform is the central service catalog, which serves to identify cost drivers and potential savings. Companies can break down costs for internal billing by location, department, or subsidiary, and thus obtain an accurate picture of expenses in each area.

Equipme also offers a forecasting function, which allows department heads to identify impending cost changes early and react accordingly. In addition, the platform documents the user for each booked software subscription, allowing the need to be traced and reviewed at any time. Changes to running services, such as upgrading license plans and cancellations, can be made with just a click.


  • Detailed recording of investments and ongoing service costs
  • Recording of contract terms and renewal intervals to ensure no cancellation deadlines are missed
  • Central service catalog for identifying cost drivers and potential savings
  • Forecast function for early identification of cost changes
  • Documentation of each booked software subscription at user and department level for internal cost accounting
Subscription Spend Management


Equipme is a modern XaaS (Anything-as-a-Service) solution that offers the unique ability to seamlessly integrate with external service providers, allowing for renting products and services like IT, SaaS, and furniture. Unlike traditional service management software restricted to a company's boundaries, Equipme can automatically route orders and requests and synchronize status between internal and external stakeholders, ensuring fast delivery, efficient resolution of issues, and automated documentation of assets, subscriptions, and expenses.

Invite your suppliers or connect with existing ones

In today's fast-paced business environment, managing service requests, deploying equipment, and provisioning IT services can be challenging. With employees spread across different locations and countries, managing service providers and suppliers via email and Excel can be a frustrating task. This is where Equipme comes in; it's a revolutionary software that is changing the game for equipment and service management in a distributed working world.

Furthermore, onboarding new providers is a breeze with Equipme. The platform provides a central hub for all service providers, making it easy to manage and add new providers as needed. With Equipme's supplier backend and REST APIs designed for individual needs, integrating new providers is a matter of a few clicks, rather than a lengthy and complicated process. The ability to rent products and services adds even more flexibility to Equipme's already powerful capabilities, making it an all-in-one solution for managing your business's equipment and service needs.


  • Seamlessly integrates with external service providers on the platform
  • Onboard new providers with just a few clicks
  • Supports fully managed product rentals (XaaS) instead of requiring ownership through purchase
  • Efficiently provisions IT services, SaaS, and equipment for the globally distributed workforce
  • Automated documentation of assets, subscriptions, and expenses makes manual documentation obsolete

Ticket System

Employees can easily create tickets through the Equipme app to report a service disruption or defect. In addition, fault reports can be directly linked to the affected assets since Equipme knows which software, devices, and services an employee uses.

Open, manage and resolve issues in no time

In contrast to traditional ticket systems, the process does not end at the company's boundaries. Thanks to seamless supplier integration, requests are automatically routed to the internal or external service providers responsible for the service.

The affected user is automatically kept up to date on the progress of the processing via the app and email, while team managers and CIOs can centrally track all tickets within the organization.


  • Central user interface for incident reports and support requests
  • Cross-company routing of service requests and incidents to the responsible service providers
  • Suppliers process tickets directly in Equipme or integrate via REST API
  • Central controlling of all tickets by CIO / management
  • Transparent metrics for service level reporting.

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