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Equipme empowers your customers with a revolutionary service experience, giving them seamless access to your products and services in a fast, flexible, and convenient way.

The only way to run your business in the XaaS age

The only way to run your business in the XaaS age

Equipme lets you easily create, market, and manage your XaaS service portfolio, streamlining every aspect of the service lifecycle, from receiving customer orders, and sourcing resources, to managing financing to production, billing, and support. Equipme lets you focus on what matters most: delivering exceptional customer service. Join the XaaS revolution and elevate your customer experience with Equipme today!

Closed Shop or Public Marketplace?

Equipme offers a complete solution for providers who want to improve their services and expand their reach. Our white-labelled edition creates a modern ordering portal with only your offerings visible. In addition, our public marketplace lets you participate in a wider ecosystem to discover new revenue streams and offer your services to direct customers of Equipme and other suppliers.
Public Marketplace or Closed Shop?

Ordering portal for customers

Provide your customers with their own B2B portal, including professional management tools that improve service lifecycle management for both sides.

Create customer portals with a single click from the central administration and invite your contacts to their personalized portal. Alternatively, your customers can register their portal themselves via your website.

For providers, Equipme is delivered "white-labeled." This means that the ordering portal for your customers appears in your colors and logo, or you can configure Equipme so that your customers' own corporate identity is applied.

Private Marketplace
Present your service offerings to your customers in a way that they can easily book with a single click. No other suppliers are visible to your customers (closed shop), but you can collaborate with partners through the platform and selectively activate their offerings to supplement the service offerings for your customers and receive a commission.

Public Marketplace
Increase your reach and generate additional business by offering your service catalog publicly, so that other providers and IT departments can position your offerings with their customers.

Ordering portal for customers

Customer Enablement

Enable your customers to have a unique service experience that starts at the process level when booking and transparently managing your services.

User Self-Service
Your customers can create different self-service catalogs for their teams and users based on your offerings, from which department heads and employees can select their preferred products and services themselves.

Approval Workflows
Equipme supports various approval processes that your customers can use to authorize employee needs internally before submitting them to you as an order.

Cost and Asset Management
Equipme automatically documents all inventory data, operating costs, contract terms, and service users for your customers. Therefore, a separate manual asset management is no longer necessary.

User Enrollment & Single Sign-On
Especially for large user numbers, our Azure AD or Personio HR integration significantly simplifies the Equipme rollout process for your customers. In addition, we enable your customers' users to conveniently use single sign-on with their existing Microsoft or Google account.

Customer Enablement

Service Portfolio Management

Bundle products with value-added services and create worry-free services worth more to your customers than the sum of their parts.

Service Bundling
Your service offerings can be composed of any product, software and service items. Thanks to our partnership with ITscope, you can automatically import IT product master data.

Service Configurator
A service can be offered in multiple variants and with any number of options from which your customer can choose. Also, decide whether service options can be added, changed, or canceled later.

Global & Customer-specific Offers
Reduce your manual quote effort by centrally maintaining your service portfolio and making it accessible to all your customers. If necessary, you can selectively adjust services or prices for individual customers.

Renting and Selling
For a service offering, you can offer multiple rental and purchase options from which the customer can choose their preferred option based on runtime and price. Thanks to the configurable extension or reminder function, no subscription expires unnoticed.

Service Portfolio Management

Service Production

Equipme consolidates all orders across all customer portals in a central provider area, making order processing, procurement, and invoicing a breeze.

Order, Change, and Deprovisioning
New orders, changes, and cancellations from your customers are received in a central location for processing. You can manage the entire service production and lifecycle management in Equipme or redirect the process at any point in your existing application world via REST API.

Procurement, Leasing, and Inventory Management
The procurement requirements for products and the necessary one-time and recurring services are derived from the service bundles configured by the customer. Accordingly, Equipme creates unique "Bill of Materials" and purchasing proposals taking into account your stocked inventory. In addition, Equipme supports the mapping of leasing agreements and the reporting of asset locations for the financial institution with which you realize your rental offering for customers.

Production Workflows
Equipme increases service quality and processing efficiency by providing the usage context (such as employee or location) for each service order and guiding your employees through the necessary production and provisioning steps. Take into account the individuality of your customers and customize the necessary steps for individual customers with the integrated workflow engine.

Billing Preparation
Bill thousands of small-scale services and purchased products across all customers with one click. Through the integrated lifecycle management, Equipme automatically knows which services were provided when and must be considered for billing in the respective month. Equipme allows you to transfer billing data via CSV or API to your invoicing software.

Service Production

Service Lifecycle Management

In the subscription economy, it is no longer sufficient to deliver a product or service only once. Equipme provides you with the digital foundation to continuously provide services to thousands of your customers' employees throughout the entire lifecycle.

Digital Twin
The "Digital Twin" is a virtual live image of the entire customer organization and the services and products used therein, which is automatically created with every order. This allows Equipme to provide the "golden source" for managing, processing, and supporting thousands services and assets with individual lifetimes and costs.

Order Tracking
Outsourcing greatly relieves customers in service delivery but often leads to a "black box" situation where customers do not know where an order or request stands with their provider and whether a service will be provided on time. Equipme closes this gap and provides your customer with full transparency regarding service availability, processing status, and expected service delivery.

Circular Economy
For each service instance, you can identify the specific raw resources (such as devices and licenses) that are included in the bundle, and track them by serial number. This allows you to easily replace any devices that require repair, or return them at the end of their initial service lifetime. By enabling easy re-use of these devices in a second lifecycle, the system supports the circular economy.

Service Request Management
Customers and their employees can open service tickets themselves via the Equipme app. As a provider, you will receive these tickets directly with the link to the affected user and service, allowing the request to be directly assigned to the right processing team while the customer can transparently track all tickets for their organization.

Service Lifecycle Management

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