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More than ever, companies need to focus on their core business to succeed in a fast-moving market environment.

Accordingly, collaboration with service providers is becoming increasingly important. For example, the IT department can outsource routine tasks, such as procuring and providing new workstations, to an IT service provider to take care of essential digitization projects.

Equipme is designed to seamlessly integrate external service providers and suppliers to simplify the lives of organizations.

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Integrate suppliers and service providers

Equipme is the only supplier-open Equipment-as-a-Service platform that allows companies to integrate any supplier and service provider into the employee outfitting process and thus map a completely transparent end-to-end process: From demand origination to home office delivery without media disruption.

Companies can connect to various suppliers already connected on Equipme from the IT, SaaS, mobile and office furniture sectors or invite their existing service providers and suppliers to the platform.

Renting instead of buying

When procuring notebooks, smartphones, software and office furniture, a trend is gaining ground in the business environment that we have all come to know and love in our private lives: "Everything as a Service" (XaaS).

Like Netflix or Uber, companies can flexibly rent the products and services required instead of making high investments and being responsible for maintenance and operation.

With Equipme, companies can rent services "fully managed" from external providers and thus take into account the desire for cost flexibility and relief of internal resources.

Worldwide availability

Equipme is designed for a modern working world in which teams and individual employees increasingly work globally and must be equipped accordingly.

Here, Equipme relies on a concept comparable to "Deliveroo for Professional Services", where all decisions are made centrally via the Equipme app. At the same time, independent regional service providers worldwide are integrated for service delivery.

Equipme selects the available suppliers and offers according to regional delivery capability so that international employees and locations can have their supplies from different service providers depending on the region.

Based on Equipme's "digital twin" concept, the executing suppliers receive all necessary contextual information about the order (such as user, delivery address, and department affiliation) and the ordered service (such as keyboard layout and service level), which are relevant for the personalized preparation of services and the logistics of goods to home offices.

Track progress live

Equipme dissolves the "black box" situation traditionally associated with outsourcing. Instead, the customer sends orders via SAP or e-mail and receives only information about his order by actively asking the provider.

Equipme shows the expected delivery time before placing the order, similar to an online store. In addition, through the seamless integration of external suppliers and service providers, the processing status of all orders is reflected live in Equipme, so that HR and team managers are always transparently aware of whether a new employee can start work on time.


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