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Finally, an end to the bad reputation of the internal IT department and the distraction of tens of internal employees in the back office for the daily orders of power supplies, cell phone cases and whatever else is needed.

Equipme seamlessly integrates "internal suppliers" such as the IT department or back office into the equipment process, creating a modern user experience and high satisfaction among their "internal customers".

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Make your offer transparent

Internally provided services can be available to all employees via Equipme – whether ERP access, remote desktop, office chair or key cards. Analogous to the offers from external suppliers delivering transparently and on-demand or as part of employee onboarding.

The offerings can be physical products the back office purchases externally and then provides internally to employees or internally provided services and software managed, supplied and configured by the IT department or an internal "application owner".

Costs and contract terms can be assigned to all internal offers to map external purchasing costs and internal billing rates and have them pre-approved by the business. In this way, Equipme enables accurate activity allocation at the cost center level instead of, for example, distributing IT costs across the entire organization with a watering can.

Modern user support

In our digital working world, employees use more and more devices and specialized applications and services from different providers every day. Given this breadth and depth, a central service desk can often no longer provide efficient support.

Accordingly, Equipme is taking a new approach: With the integrated ticket system, employees open support requests and incident reports specifically to the affected service, which are then automatically routed to the appropriate service owner or IT employee within the organization or directly to the responsible external service provider for rapid processing.

The processing progress can be tracked live via the app at any time. As a result, the management receives valuable KPIs about the susceptibility to faults of the products used and the service quality of the parties involved.

Simple order and order processing

To make it easy for the internal IT department and other service providers to process internal orders efficiently and on time, Equipme includes its own "fulfilment" module where all new, changed, and cancelled orders are listed with the context of the employee, location and department. Furthermore, the system prioritizes the orders based on the provision dates required by the business and generates an order proposal list if articles and licenses have to be purchased externally.

To ensure that nothing is forgotten, Equipme also informs users by e-mail about new orders, receipts, and approaching deadlines.


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