Keep track of Assets, Subsciptions, and Costs automatically

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With Equipme, companies always have an overview of the entire inventory, even with distributed work locations, high fluctuation and hundreds of SaaS subscriptions, and can manage costs centrally.

All contract durations, serial numbers and employee assignments are automatically kept up to date by Equipme without anyone having to take care of them actively.

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Know who has what

The journey begins with the one-time entry of your inventory devices and contracts, which you can easily create in Equipme. The quickest way to do this is to use our Excel template and conveniently import your entire inventory. After that, you can forget about Excel once and for all when documenting your inventory.

Thanks to our "Digital Twin" approach, Equipme knows all employees, locations and departments and allocates the information to each inventory and contract. This way, you can easily evaluate who has what and how the costs are composed, e.g. per department.

You can easily map your organizational structure in Equipme or, thanks to our integration with leading HR systems and Microsoft, conveniently import it and automatically keep it up-to-date.

Automatic documentation from the 1st order

Our "design-first" approach makes manual documentation and the maintenance of inventory lists obsolete. Instead, as soon as an order gets placed, Equipme creates a "digital twin" of the inventory in the context of the company's use. As a result, each asset can be tracked and managed transparently and without gaps throughout its entire lifecycle.

Equipme logs subsequent service changes, equipment replacement and inventory transfer to new employees.

Meta information such as serial numbers and license keys are automatically stored in the system by the service provider during order processing so that the company does not have to worry about anything.

Transparent contract and cost overview

In Equipme, devices, subscriptions and contracts are broken down into locations, departments and employees, and the associated contract terms, one-off and running costs are documented in the system.

CFOs and controllers can thus browse through their "virtual company" and transparently track all costs related to employee and workstation equipment at every company level, allocate them to cost centers within the company and prove them in audit situations.

Even with the increasing number of Software-as-a-Service and the trend towards renting equipment, companies can keep track of running costs, upcoming cancellation deadlines, and unused inventory and software that can be cancelled. In addition, Equipme generates a cost forecast based on upcoming onboardings and offboarding, which provides companies with financial planning security.

Don't forget anything during offboarding

With the ever-growing number of SaaS applications and the willingness of companies to provide their employees with home office equipment, the confusion about who has what and the likelihood that work equipment is forgotten during offboarding is increasing. This can be expensive and poses significant security risks and data protection issues.

Equipme solves this problem by digitally tracking all physical and virtual assets given to employees and actively reclaiming them during offboarding.


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