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Companies are desperately seeking top people for responsible positions. These people know best which equipment they need for their work and with which tools they are productive.

So let's end the standard 15" laptop and mouse of its predecessor: The "one-size-fits-all" approach has finally had its day!

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Modern employees want to have a say

The Equipme self-service portal invites new employees as part of the HR onboarding process to meet the requirements for individual and self-determined work as early as selecting end devices, peripherals and home office furniture.

In doing so, Equipme can access the HR system to obtain employee master data and start the Equipme process automatically.

New employees then receive a selection of suitable notebooks, cell phones and peripherals according to their role and the specifications of their future department heads. For example, they can choose between Microsoft and Apple notebooks and select the color of their smartphone cover and the size of their company hoodie.

The Digital Twin

This completely digitized approach enables companies to give their employees greater individuality regarding work tools without resulting in administrative chaos.

Another advantage of this digitized process over the classic Word form is that the inventory selection in Equipme already creates the basis for the subsequent ordering of goods from suppliers, the automated documentation of the inventory, and the controlling of costs. Equipme creates a "digital twin" of reality with the user's inventory selection, on which each asset can henceforth be tracked and managed transparently and without gaps over its entire life cycle.

Do we have anything left in stock?

To act ecologically sustainably and economically sensibly, Equipme informs the HR department about unused inventory devices and standard software that new hires can use, and no unnecessary purchases are made.

For the automated " inventory mapping, " Equipme tracks every new order and inventory return of employees who leave the company or no longer need licenses due to a department change.

Budget approval and digital ordering

Once the workstation setup is selected, the order can be released in equipme by the hiring manager or a budget manager and submitted to external suppliers. You can find out how this works here.

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