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Nothing is worse than the disillusionment of new employees when the new job starts with missing software or system access. Sadly, this happens regularly to many companies. Equipme synchronizes the employee equipment process between all parties to ensure the onboarding process runs smoothly.

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Gone are the days when employees were fully capable and happy with a

one-size-fits-all notebook, Office and SAP

Who gets what and when?

Previously, HR and the business department had to manually coordinate the necessary equipment, software and application authorizations for each new employee. Long email chains and manual Word checklists were the results.

Equipme automates the process for everyone involved and ensures that nothing is forgotten.

Hiring managers can store various standard templates for the working environment of new employees. Then, the appropriate configuration is automatically suggested to HR during onboarding based on a new employee's role, department and location.

Based on this, the Hiring Manager gets prompted by Equipme during onboarding to make individual decisions for new hires and finally approve the workstation configuration and associated costs.

Self-service store for teams

In addition to the initial onboarding of new employees, managers can offer their teams their own "internal store" to find the software, services and tools they need and order them independently at any time.

Equipme dynamically compiles each employee's range of products, apps and services from internal and external suppliers based on their location, department or project affiliation.

To reduce the maintenance effort in larger organizations, Equipme can use the group affiliations in the Microsoft Azure Directory, from which the available offers per employee are automatically derived.

Control budgets and approve orders

Before ordering chargeable products and subscriptions, Equipme forwards the process to a responsible manager, who must finally approve the order.

In doing so, the budget manager can view the previous staffing and department costs live to make an informed decision.

Once the order is approved, it gets sent to the external suppliers or the internal specialist department, which sets up application access.

The orderer and the employee concerned are informed transparently about the order progress by mail or within the app.


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