AGIQON - BUSINESS IT: Innovative, perfectly functioning IT

AGIQON - BUSINESS IT: Innovative, perfectly functioning IT

Welcome to AGIQON! We provide 100% predictable IT costs and a scalable IT solution for companies with 20-250 employees. Our innovative pricing model is based on the number of workstations in your company, ensuring complete predictability in your IT budget.

We offer a well-thought-out, modern, and scalable IT infrastructure that helps our clients achieve success. As an IT service provider, we keep a close eye on the latest market trends and regularly come up with new ideas to provide you with the most up-to-date IT infrastructure possible.

Can you answer these five questions about your IT with a "yes"? If so, your IT is a solid foundation for your company's success:

  • Predictable costs: Do you know all the monthly and annual costs associated with licenses and subscriptions?
  • Scalability: Can your IT infrastructure handle a doubling of your workforce without the need for new server hardware?
  • Strategy: Can you outline where you want your IT to be in 6-24 months (medium-term) and where you want it to be in the next 5 years (long-term)?
  • Security: Does your company use a Next Gen Firewall?
  • Role of IT: Is your IT seen as an essential base and driver for achieving your company's goals in a digitalized world?

At AGIQON, we can help you answer these questions with a resounding "yes." Our tailored solutions ensure that your IT infrastructure meets your specific needs, both now and in the future. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business thrive.

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