Bechtle – Your strong IT partner. Today and tomorrow.

Bechtle – Your strong IT partner. Today and tomorrow.

Bechtle is one of the most successful IT service providers in Europe and has stood for IT expertise, partnership, and forward-thinking for 41 years. Together with their customers, they aim to shape the future successfully with IT. Connected, experienced, entrepreneurial – future-proof.

Active responsibility for shaping your future

In an increasingly complex technological environment and growing digitalization, our managed services ensure that your IT successfully forms the foundation for your business. We take care of your IT tasks 24/7 so that you can fully focus on your business, providing you with the ready-to-use technologies you need for your business development.

Managed Services by Bechtle

Managed Services are the logical evolution of our system house business. We offer you more than just devices, systems, and solutions: comprehensive end-to-end support. From individual workstations to the operation of your data center. From industry standards to customized solutions. From on-premise architecture to the cloud. Our diverse portfolio has the right answer for every task Our service includes:

  • Outsourcing
  • Managed Services for Your Infrastructure
  • Managed Services for Your Security
  • Managed Services for Your Infrastructure
  • Managed Platforms & Applications
  • Managed Services for Employees & Workplaces
  • IT Lifecycle Management
  • Managed Cloud & Services for Digitalization

With Bechtle's efficient Managed Services, your company can fully focus on its core competencies. Utilize our Managed Services to avoid burdening your valuable employees with tasks that are not part of their core business. Bechtle's operations staff are specialized in delivering efficient services, supported by years of experience in professional operational performance.

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