Enthus GmbH - Short for enthusiasm. Top form for IT.

Enthus GmbH - Short for enthusiasm. Top form for IT.

Over 500 enthusiasts at 17 locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with an annual turnover of 170 million euros (2022) are passionate #successmakers for IT and digitalization. With innovative IT solutions, managed services & XaaS and our smart solutions for digital business processes, we want to be #yourfirstchoice on the path to the digital age. 

Because challenges are best solved in close cooperation - in partnership and at eye level.

We are #successmakers

Clever concepts, suitable needs-based solutions, reliable provision and support, but above all a trustworthy partner who provides competent, comprehensive and personally committed support in all IT matters - who makes IT their own - that's what matters.

We are #commited

Today - and in the future more than ever - IT has a business-critical importance. It has long since moved from a back-office function to the center of business activities and has an enormous influence on business success: entire business models and developments depend on IT systems running and your users being able to act. IT is a driver - or a brake - for business success and future viability.

You want the best service?

After the installation is before the service: backups need to be created, networks need to be monitored and workstations need to be supported. If you are not careful, these recurring tasks can quickly push your IT department to the limits of its capacity. Conserve your existing resources and outsource these tasks!

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