die prozessoren- real-life IT for business and growth

die prozessoren- real-life IT for business and growth

As humans, we live in an increasingly technological world. Here we need the connection to what we can simplify and solve with technology. Technology serves people, not the other way around.

procedere (lat.) = to advance

Our name "die prozessoren" contains the essence of our commitment. Every journey, every undertaking is a process of moving forward and growing. Our vision is to develop ourselves integrally and to support our customers, employees and partners in this process.

What we offer

Our IT service is a combination of people, processes, communication and the latest technology that has grown over many years.

We see ourselves as a human system house for information technology and IT consulting. Our unique selling point is the strong communication skills of our employees instead of the often experienced incomprehensible gibberish of IT nerds. In addition, there is a degree of humanity, which is confirmed again and again by our corporate customers.

Services at a glance

  • IT consulting, IT support
  • IT service, IT support
  • Server technology, server maintenance
  • Cloud solutions
  • Cloud migration and cloud integration
  • IT consulting (organization/BWL)
  • Fiber optic installation

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