fat IT SOLUTIONS - Hassle-free and seamless IT experience

fat IT SOLUTIONS - Hassle-free and seamless IT experience

At FAT IT SOLUTIONS GmbH, we don't just sell products. We believe in holistic digital transformation for long-term success and deep-rooted change, always on eye level and in partnership.


We love modern technologies and teaching how to use them sensibly and productively for the long-term. With well-designed partner processes and tailored IT solutions that inspire trust - holistic, integrated, and forward-looking. For greater security and smooth workflows in every situation. Always up-to-date, always at eye level, as digital friends in the process and beyond.


Need to set up anti-spam for your email service or quickly secure your Teams chat against ransomware? Implement GOBD-compliant email archiving in no time?

What was once utopian in the world of IT is now made possible by our managed services. But what does that actually mean?

No one-time or setup costs - setup is included in the price for every service, no matter how many users/devices/email addresses are involved.

Free success monitoring and error correction - if anything doesn't work as it should, we notice and fix it in the background.

Retrospective billing based on actual usage - use first, pay later, and only pay for what was actually needed.

Who are managed services for? Anyone who:

  • needs a defined service without the hassle,
  • wants predictable costs without lengthy implementation projects,
  • prefers to outsource parts of their IT rather than invest in their own staff,
  • doesn't want to deal with various software and feature comparisons, but just wants a solution.

And the best part: almost all of our services can be tested for free and with no strings attached!

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