greendevice business - Green. Better. Smarter.

greendevice business - Green. Better. Smarter.

greendevice business GmbH - Revolutionizing the IT industry with a greener, better and smarter approach.

Studies show that each mobile device wastes almost three hours of time annually. That's time and resources that companies have to spend to keep their employees' smartphones, tablets, and laptops up-to-date and ensure smooth workflow. It not only costs time but also money! At greendevice business GmbH, we aim to solve this problem by offering user-centered services that make companies future-proof.

Our journey began in 2017 after almost ten years in various sales and development positions at an international provider. With new lifecycle solutions in the mobile IT sector, we set out to establish new standards. As IT industry professionals, we quickly realized that no provider, manufacturer, or software provider offered a complete lifecycle model. Every device change, whether it's a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, puts a strain on internal resources and costs money. We wanted to change that!

Our business idea was centered around these questions: Who configures the smartphone? Who inserts the SIM card? How does the device get to the employee? How long does it take? And what happens in case of a problem or defect? We have the answers and are committed to making the IT industry greener, better, and smarter.

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