indevis IT-Consulting and Solutions

indevis IT-Consulting and Solutions

indevis IT-Consulting and Solutions GmbH, an ISO 27001 certified company, has been providing IT security, data center, and networking solutions, supported by professional consulting, management, and support services since 1999. As one of Germany's leading Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP), indevis is the partner for companies of all sizes and industries. With branches in Munich and Hamburg and employees located across Germany, indevis offers unparalleled expertise and experience in IT security.

At indevis, we believe in protecting our customers' networks to help them succeed as champions in Germany and around the world. We understand that a secure network is more than the sum of its parts and signifies quality and value for our customers. To learn more about how we ensure this quality and how current trends and developments are influencing our work and the IT industry, sign up for our newsletter.

Our mission is to provide security in a connected world by focusing on customer benefits. At indevis, we all contribute to creating a safer, more connected world by using smart technology, promoting our expertise, and meeting customer needs effectively. We ensure that organizations of any size and industry worldwide can benefit from complex and innovative information technology to secure their business processes. We provide this technology as a Managed Security Service, whether it be multi-cloud or on-premises based, meeting the requirements of both businesses and public institutions.

Our vision is that IT security is the enabler of digital transformation. indevis is the expert in IT security across the full spectrum of customer requirements. We understand our customers' business models and enable them to transform digitally. With our expertise in IT security, we create a foundation for a stable digital future in a connected global society. Trust indevis, and secure your future.

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