vertical IT-Service - IT-Management central managed

vertical IT-Service - IT-Management central managed

Are you looking for a full-service IT solution that can help you achieve your business goals? Look no further than Vertical IT-Service GmbH. Our 6-step process can help you realize your visions with ease.

Turnkey Solutions

Vertical offers top-quality end devices, software apps, and support services all in one place. Our solutions are turnkey and easy to use, without the need for extensive IT resource management.

Stored and Secured

We combine standardized and fail-safe services with central identity management, single sign-on, and security management. All digital workplaces are automatically updated in the background, so your employees can always work productively.


At Vertical, we create solutions for users who crave simplicity. It doesn't matter if your employees work in the office, are always on the go, or call into the meeting room from home. Vertical allows your employees to work the way that is best for them.

Full Control

All services are managed centrally through your personal management app. The heart of the app is the "Multi-Cloud System", which consists of a high-end data center, standardized production processes, and a seamless operating platform.

Scalable and Flexible

Since you don't know what you'll need tomorrow and how much your company will grow, you can add or remove users, devices, and apps at any time. Vertical scales according to what's best for your business.


All services are offered for a monthly fee through our "As-a-Service" concept. With Vertical as your IT service provider, large upfront IT investments and outdated technology are a thing of the past.

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